Irish Channel Stout

American Stout | 6.8% ABV | 41 IBU
Availability: Year-Round

If you love beer, chances are you love stouts. If you brew beer, it’s likely you have a stout in your repertoire. And if you happen to brew beer in a neighborhood called the Irish Channel, you’d be a fool if you didn’t name your stout Irish Channel Stout.

This beer is our love letter to our neighborhood. Settled in the 19th century by immigrants from the birthplace of the stout, the Irish Channel is beautiful and beguiling, maybe a little scruffy but always charming, and flawed in all the right ways – just like us. Also it’s home to one of the world’s greatest St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, where the Irish Channel Stout flows like the River Shannon.

Tasting Notes

Smooth, rich, dark and delicious. Strong espresso front end with a touch of baker’s chocolate on the finish. Balanced with a crisp bitterness produced by American hops and roasted barley.

6.8% ABV | 41 IBU
Availability: Year-Round


Kent Golding
US Goldings


Dark Munich
Extra Dark Crystal
Roasted Barley

Available In

1/2 BBL Keg
1/6 BBL Keg
16-oz Can 4-Pack

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