Flambeau Red

Red Ale | 5.7% ABV | 40 IBU
Availability: Seasonal

In the years before streetlights arrived along the avenues of New Orleans, the flambeau carrier provided illumination for nighttime carnival parades. “Flambeau” is the French word for “torch” and that’s just what they are – tall flaming torches that illuminate the procession below. No longer a necessity, flambeau carriers still march every Mardi Gras for old times' sake, casting the same orange-red glow they did centuries ago.

Our Flambeau Red Ale casts a similar glow. Bright in flavor, it has significant depth thanks to seven unique malts, three hops and an American ale yeast that combine to deliver one incredibly well-balanced New Orleans-style red ale.

Tasting Notes

Well-balanced red ale with interesting depth. Hoppy edge. Notes of cocoa and caramel.

5.7% ABV | 40 IBU
Availability: Seasonal




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Available In

1/6 BBL Keg

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