That’s right people, you read that title correctly! We’re giving away FREE BEER FOR A YEAR to the winner of our Coozie Contest!
We’re releasing cans and we want YOU to design our coozie. What do you win? Free NOLA Brewing for a year! We’ll give you a case of our delicious beer every month for one full year. And, you don’t have to live in Louisiana to win!!
So what are you waiting for? Submit up to three ideas by sending them to You don’t have to be an artist to enter! We’re looking for anything that you think represents NOLA Brewing! Slogans, Images, Doodles — you name and we’ll take it. Seriously, we’re not looking for the next Picasso, we’re looking for someone to design a coozie!
Don’t wait another second, the contest ends SEPTEMBER 2nd!! Enter today!
More Information and Rules

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